Immediate action must be taken to enhance the awareness of how important it is for a
child to have the tools they need to further their education.  

  • Provide a donation to Angels R Watching Foundation:  Monetary donations
    are accepted as well as generic school supplies.

  • Get the word out:  Pass on this information to family, friends and business
    associates.  We may not be able to make a difference as one, but together we
    can change the world.

  • Host a School Supply DriveWe will be glad to pick up donations:  
  • At your business location
  • Through a local church, religious education program, women's or men's
    club, youth program
  • Social clubs and home shows:  Donate a portion of proceeds
  • Children's Birthday Parties:  In lieu of gifts,  donate school supplies
  • Students - sponsor a program in your school or collect on your own - it's great way to receive service hours

  • Volunteer:  Adults and students are welcome.

Angels R Watching Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Your contribution
is tax deductible.
Over 25,000 school supplies have
been collected and donated over
backpacks to students
within the
United States and South America.
What you can do

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Now accepting Online Donations
Make an impact in the life of a child today by making a donation to Angels R Watching. Your donations provide much needed school supplies. Click here to learn more.